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25.Bob lalas(non-registered)
The pictures you have a great i love to at those picture its very inspiring. I'm so grateful i found this website.
24.David Golbert(non-registered)
Hey Mr. Prince, David Golbert here, from Meredith, Better Homes and Gardens daze. My daughter Kathy came across your web site and turned me on to it. I really like what you are doing, as creative and innovative as always. The last work I remember were the multiple layered transparent images. I still have the image of the freight car you gave me. Sorry I have no e-mail address to contact me, I'm kinda computer stupid; actually, I'm very computer stupid. Anyway, it was good to see your work and maybe one day I'll join the rest of the world.
23.John Wilks(non-registered)
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22.John Wilks(non-registered)
Hi, great photos. love your site

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21.Derek Manuel(non-registered)
I got inspired by your website your pictures are very professional shots.
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20.person of no importantance(non-registered)
You are one of my biggest insperations I am student at NHIA and I am humbled by the fact that I get to recieve your Input and skills into my photography thanks Doug.
19.Ian Heath(non-registered)
your shorelines is just stunning and cool.. love it>> you have inspired me>>>keep up the work>> when is ur show NYC?? i will totally attend
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