20.person of no importantance(non-registered)
You are one of my biggest insperations I am student at NHIA and I am humbled by the fact that I get to recieve your Input and skills into my photography thanks Doug.
19.Ian Heath(non-registered)
your shorelines is just stunning and cool.. love it>> you have inspired me>>>keep up the work>> when is ur show NYC?? i will totally attend
18.Patrick Mulberry(non-registered)
Thank you for the very provocative images.
14.Bob jansen(non-registered)
Love your work
13.John Cokos(non-registered)
Love your work ! Just doing some research on stereo image's, Your plexiglass work is quite novel, to say the least, got some interesting idea's from them.
12.Matthew Hall(non-registered)
Mr. Douglas Prince,

as a former student of yours its a great pleasure being able to look at your work and using the skills you taught me to still continue better myself in photography. I hope to re-register in your class in a future time, your passion increased mine, i just felt a more urgent call to serve first. i couldn't have imagined a better instructor. Thank you
11.Chuck Baker(non-registered)
You were right in what you told me back in 1982... "Not everyone should pick up a camera". I gave up.
10.C.P. Harrison(non-registered)
Love your work! Incredible and inspiring!
9.Chandler Tyrrell(non-registered)
I stumbled across your Balanced Obsessions blog a couple of months ago, and this morning it led me to your jaw-dropping work. It has left me with a lot to ponder. In particular, your comments regarding the digital original strike a deep chord, as I struggle to figure out how my photographs, which rarely ever end up existing as "real" objects/prints, fit into the wider world/history of photography. Anyway, your work is a pleasure (and at times a bit of a queasy pleasure) to behold. Cheers.
8.Barb Downing McCabe(non-registered)
wow!! always thought you were "above average" in high school...now, I'm sure of it!! Great seeing you in July. Keep up the good work!!!!
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