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This gallery contains a selection of photo-sculptures that I currently have on hand. My goal is to retain a representative set while making some pieces available to collectors. The original editions were limited to 20 which were produced on demand; however, this work is no longer in production and all editions were closed in 1996 at the latest number. Prices and availability on request.
Abandoned Interior,1996,1-20Baby Rattle in Chelsea Hotel,1982,3-20Boboli Gardens with Pruning Shears,1993,APIBoys with Boat,1996,1-20Briefcase and Walking Man,1996,1-20Broken Bread (Cemetery),1974,8-20Broken Fence,1996,1-20Case and the Island,1996,1-20Case and Toy Lamb,1994,APIChair with Vines,1993,2-20Charles Traub with Tulips,1982,1-20Coca Cola Vision,1993,3-20Cockpit with Biplane,1983,5-20Crutch and Wheelchair,2000,1-20Daydream with Gulls,1989,6-20Delivery Room,1992,3-20Floating Chair,1996,1-20Floating Doll,1979,5-20Floating Fan2,1997,AP1Floating Scales,1990,1-20