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28 photos

This gallery contains examples of explorations in photographic materials and image presentations
starting in the late 1960's.
Oscillating Man, 1967Car and Tree, 1967Picnic Table, 1967P. Farrell with Bicycle, 1967Tree with Family, 1967Man and Door, 1968Kitchen Window, 1968Ice Fishing, 1968Winter Funeral, 1968Tree and Boy, 1968P. Farrell with Bicycle, 1968Reading Glasses, 1973Stereo Viewer-Cemetery, 1968Stereo Viewer-Landscape, 1968Stereo Viewer-Suitcase, 1968Floating Fan, 1967Anti-Window, 1968Dragonfly Interior, 1972  8/20Delivery Room, 1982  2/20Cockpit, 1983   AP