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Adel and the Lightning, 1972Baby Carriage on Beach, 1996Birds Flying ove Statues, 1979Bones and Body, 1997Boy in Fountain, 1992Briac & Brian under Vines, 1973Brian Building Monuments, 1996Brian in Greenhouse, 1979Brian in the Arno, 1997Brian under Canoe, 1980Brian under Curtain, 1996Brian with Blimp, 1993Brian with Circus Tent, 1979Brian with Whale, 1997Brian, Snake  & Mountains, 1979Brice & Brian  in  Quarry, 1996Brice & Brian in Culvert, 1993Brice and Brian in Cave, 1992Brice and Brian with Ship, 1979Bust in Sunflower Field, 1996