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I have long been engaged with photographic images that evidence the passage of time. I am currently referencing two painting traditions that flourished in the 17th century Netherlands: the vanitas still-life paintings and the trompe-l'œil still-life paintings. My subject matter includes references to the traditional objects used to represent the brevity and the ephemeral nature of life as well as my own symbols. The structure of the pictures is inspired by the trompe-l'œil still lifes of objects and paper artifacts held to board behind a pattern of ribbons or straps. I am digitally creating my own framework that holds the objects together in a floating, 3D collage space rather than being assembled together as a traditional still-life or objects arranged on flat board.
Vanitas-15, 2020Vanitas-14, 2020Vanitas-13, 2020Vanitas-12, 2020Vanitas-11, 2020Vanitas-10, 2019Vanitas-09, 2019Vanitas-08, 2019Vanitas-07, 2019Vanitas-06, 2019Vanitas-05, 2019Vanitas-04, 2019Vanitas-03, 2019Vanitas-02, 2019Vanitas-01, 2019