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This portfolio is based on prints from John James Audubon's "Birds of America". The National Audubon Society generously made these digital files available online. Appreciating his legacy as one of America's foremost wildlife artists, I saw a potential to deconstruct these images and introduce ultra symmetry, transforming the original images into surreal, graphic compositions where the scientific content yields to the personal exploration of form, line and space.
Plate-3, Prothronolary WarblerPlate-7, Purple GraklePlate-8, White Throated SparrowPlate-9, Selby's Fly CatcherPlate-12, Baltimore OriolePlate-13, Snow BirdPlate-14, Prairie WarblerPlate-15, Blue Yellow Back WarblerPlate-19 Louisiana Water ThrushPlate-23, Yellow Breasted WarblerPlate-24, Roscoe's Yellow ThroatPlate-25. Song SparrowPlate-26, Carolina ParrotPlate-28, Vireo SolitariusPlate-29, Towee BuntingPlate-30, Vigors VireoPlate-34, Worm Eating WarblerPlate-36, Stanley HawkPlate-40, American RedstartPlate-44, Summer Red Bird