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Aesthetic Variation #2, 2008Bachelors Navigating the Orange Field, 2008Birth of Desire, 2008Blue Mirror, 2008Captured Rainbow, 2008Confused Transformation with Sphere, 2008Declining Innocense, 2008Drifting Sunset, 2008Edge Variation #1, 2008Explained Boundry of Desire, 2008Fragmented Sky, 2008Greener Painting (& Water), 2008Including Reflected Reality, 2008Landscape with Cosmic Purpose, 2008Lotus at Dusk #1, 2008Lotus at Dusk #2, 2008Lotus meets Jazz, 2008Magnolia in  Winter, 2008Markings with Orchid, 2008Offering to a Shaman Healer, 2008