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Guestbook for Particles and Waves
Ahmed M. Taky El-din(non-registered)
i make 3d bulding and i take shoots for people and natural , i'm a Engineering Surveying ... i have 21 years old ... i learned photoshop , dreamweaver , sketch up by my self and now i make a big website its be like facebook , google, youtube , 4shared and alot of things in one web i like photography and i want to be photographer i'm trying to learn it so i still want to learn every thing about it . now i'm trying to be web designer so i can learned alot of thing at the same time i really want to be photographer and programmer .
Michael Chernoff(non-registered)
Really impressed by these images. I think you must have shot photos from images projected on a television screen. Am I far off? I'd like to know how these were made and was photoshop used for editing.
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