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ORNITHOLOGY or·ni·thol·o·gy
noun: a branch of science that deals with the study of birds

“It’s like you’ve crystallized the essence of the bird, and all that remains is a vague memory.” –­Richard Moore
Ornithology-01, 2014Ornithology-02, 2014Ornithology-04, 2014Ornithology-03, 2014Ornithology-05, 2014Ornithology-06, 2014Ornithology-07, 2014Ornithology-08, 2014Ornithology-09, 2014Ornithology-10, 2014Ornithology-11, 2014.Ornithology-12, 2014.Ornithology-13, 2014.Ornithology-14, 2014.Ornithology-15, 2014.Ornithology-16, 2014.Ornithology-17, 2014.Ornithology-18, 2014.Ornithology-19, 2014.Ornithology-20, 2014.