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This portfolio, “Audubon+”, is based on prints from John James Audubon’s "Birds of America,1827-1838”. The National Audubon Society generously made these digital files available online. Appreciating his legacy as one of America's foremost wildlife artists, in 1921, I saw a potential to deconstruct these images and introduce ultra-symmetry, transforming the original images into surreal, graphic compositions where the scientific content yields to the personal exploration of form, line and space. The result was a portfolio of images, “Audubon Redux (a fearful symmetry)”.

This year I revisited the Audubon prints project, keeping the original print images intact but adding photographs of objects from everyday reality, many from my archive of objects collected for other projects. These objects address environmental hazards, technology concerns, and historical and cultural considerations.

By introducing these photographic elements, I appreciate the tension between Audubon’s naturalistic illustrations, which are scientifically informative but still idealized, and the non-idealized photographic elements. I enjoy the contrast between these previously unassociated realms that produces a disturbance in the natural order of things, revealing the fragility of our environment. And sometimes the juxtaposition between the imaging from the19th and 21st centuries is just playful.

The prints are available in limited editions in sizes up to 16x20 on 17x22 paper.
Audubon+, Plate-431Audubon+, Plate-421Audubon+, Plate-397Audubon+, Plate-344Audubon+, Plate-340Audubon+, Plate-311Audubon+, Plate-307Audubon+, Plate-261Audubon+, Plate-256Audubon+, Plate-242Audubon+, Plate-219Audubon+, Plate-211Audubon+, Plate-179Audubon+, Plate-81Audubon+, Plate-6Audubon+, Plate-416Audubon+, Plate-192Audubon+, Plate-434Audubon+, Plate-433Audubon+, Plate-419