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The altarpiece, as used in historical religious forms, has long been attractive to me: especially diptychs, venerated images displayed as portable, self-contained objects. I enjoy the dynamics between the two images, physically abutted in common space, During the process of working on my various portfolios, I often recognized pairs of images that belong together. The diptych is an excellent format to realize those relationships. The images are printed on 8"x10" aluminum panels, mounted in hinged hardwood gilded frames. The backs filled with photographic images of wood veneer, also on aluminum panels. While the diptych is intended to be freestanding, there are two holes, 9" apart, on the back panels that allow for wall hanging. Very few "AlterPieces" contain religious subject matter. However, I feel a sense of my own devotion to the subject matter and veneration of exploring photographic image-making.
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