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This is the latest body of work as part of my 50-year evolution in photography. I'm using photographic images and digital processes to embrace a digital printmaking aesthetic. "Connective Tissue" is a matrix of abstract shapes and lines: random organic forms juxtaposed with calculated geometric elements. The finished "prints" are on 16"x20" aluminum panels. “Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.” ― Henry Adams
Connective Tissue-37, 2019Connective Tissue-36, 2019Connective Tissue-35, 2019Connective Tissue-34, 2019Connective Tissue-33, 2019Connective Tissue-32, 2019Connective Tissue-30, 2019Connective Tissue-29, 2019Connective Tissue-28, 2019Connective Tissue-27, 2019Connective Tissue-26, 2019Connective Tissue-25, 2019Connective Tissue-24, 2019Connective Tissue-23, 2019Connective Tissue-22, 2019_1Connective Tissue-21, 2019Connective Tissue-20, 2019Connective Tissue-19, 2019Connective Tissue-18, 2019Connective Tissue-17, 2019