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I love making images with light, using the digital processes to transform images, exploring the beauty of line, color, form and space. My curiosity has driven this search into the aesthetics associated with painting and printmaking. This spring I began exploring the photographic potential of Egon Schiele sketches, resulting in a set titled Saros. Images start with analogue images of figures transformed into hard edge areas and lines rendered in abstract colors as found in printmaking. Afterward I explored variations of the digital processes as engraved surfaces with the addition of a second photo/graphic element, resulting in three new groups, Torsos, Trace Contours and Section Maps, printed on aluminum panels.
Saros-01, 2017Saros-02, 2017Saros-03, 2017Saros-08, 2017Saros-18, 2017Saros-11, 2017Saros-17, 2017Torso-01, 2017Torso-02, 2017Torso-03, 2017Torso-04, 2017Torso-05, 2017Torso-06, 2017Trace Contours-11, 2017Trace Contours-12, 2017Trace Contours-13, 2017Trace Contours-14, 2017Trace Contours-15, 2017Trace Contours-16, 2017Trace Contours-17, 2017