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An "Horizon Event" image begins with a digital photograph of the horizon line seen from the shore. I pay attention to the composition of the foreground: looking at sand water, rocks, people's activities, color, textures and light qualities. I'm also observing the sky for clouds and looking for objects, ships on the horizon. I then select a vertical line of single pixels stretch it horizontally to produce a field of horizontal parallel lines.

I appreciate two secondary aspects at this stage. The lines represent a quasi-spectrum analysis of the colors in the original photo. They also refer to geometric abstract art of parallel lines such at the vertical strips of color by American painter Gene Davis. The primary concern for me is the potential of this picture plane as the foundation to build a new landscape.

Starting with the field of horizontal parallel lines, I can then add objects to the foreground area that creates an illusion of three dimensional space. This recreated space establishes the basis for a new semi-abstracted landscape where I have the freedom to arrange subjects in juxtapositions of my choosing. These include natural elements and as well as cultural artifacts. I find myself gravitating to a surreal sensibility found in painters such as Yves Tanguy and Giorgio de Chirico.
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