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FRAMEWORKS. an homage to content

The subtitle refers to Josef Albers’, Homage to the Square: a painting and print series of overlapping squares that explores the perceptual complexity and interaction of colors.

My Frameworks project is composed of layers of square picture planes in concentric order and different sizes that creates an array of image-frames. This arrangement allows me to juxtapose the content of images, exploring changing perceptions as they influence each other, creating new associations. In addition to the new visual gestalts there is a great potential to play with colors, forms, graphics and space within the framework. The images are printed on 8"x8" and 10'x10' aluminum panels and mounted in wooden frames that extend the "frame" concept.

The digital media allows me to bring together content from a wide spectrum of image-making traditions and fuse them into a new matrix. In addition to my own photography, I download images from another mediums, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, other photography and scientific illustration. The genres range from Classical to Impressionism, Realism to Romanticism, the Vernacular to the Renaissance and the Scientific to the Erotic.
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